Reinventing Education In India


Technological advances is being widely accepted these days in all the sectors as the transformation is both qualitative as well as quantitative.And technology enables us to transcend beyond the conventional approach as well as enhances the overall experience. With a plethora of options available through digitization,the sector of education has not been untouched by this wave.Digitization in education has by far transformed the learning as well as the teaching approach over the years.

While this is transforming the approach globally, India is not left far behind. With the internet being easily accessible even in the rural parts of the country, it opens the market for an even larger audience apart from the existing urban community which is already thriving on the world wide web based services. The ongoing boom in the number of mobile internet users due to the Digital India initiative by the Government of India it is estimated that India has 462.1 million internet users, of which 442.7 million were mobile internet users till January this year and it is expected to rise to 829 million (59 percent of the Indian population) in 2021 according to tech giants Cisco.Get-an-Education-Online-online-colleges-39775767-1024-638

With such an ever-growing market and the acceptance of new approach it is about time education gets a face-lift too. We at Frescon believe in transforming education by not only catching up with the trend but also leading the way through path-breaking and innovative approach and methods of teaching

The age old tradition of classroom teaching has outgrown itself with the world advancing towards an era of technology based learning and as educators we feel the urge to come up with methods which would enable the students to prepare themselves for not just the mainstream fields but also the new emerging prospects with the expanding market. Incorporating classroom teaching and blending it with technology is something which most of the edutech giants fail to deliver as majority of them either go completely digital or purely confines their limits to the classroom, which is why Frescon Academy believes in merging the two important fundamentals for an all-round development which involves the trusted discipline of imparting knowledge going hand-in-hand with the innovative methods.

In our oncoming posts we’ll be discussing the various innovative approach Frescon Academy has developed to tackle the various shortcomings of the education system and also discuss the various factors contributing towards enhancing the experience of personalised education of the future in our country.


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