Digitized Education For Transforming India

Age old conventional methods usually gain trust of a very large share of the population as they have stood the test of time and get passed on to the coming generations. With the changing time, the approach and the increasing reliability on technology sticking to a typical approach would mean compromising on the key aspects such as preparing the students to get on with the developments of the world and create a niche for themselves in it. With the advent of the 3G/4G connectivity and internet enabled TV’s and tablets, the use of these services in the education sector is seeing an unparalleled growth. Technology being the catalyst education is experiencing a paradigm shift from being knowledge transfer models to a much more interactive and engaging form of learning.augmented-reality-classroom-apps

“Curiosity is in a way the foundation of science. And individual curiosity combined with mediums which can transcend imagination into reality is the key to not mass produce mere professionals but create future innovators and visionaries. Research and technology would reach new heights with young minds opting for it”

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We have come up with a way of enhancing their learning experience through the Board + Online (BOON method) which combines teaching a concept on the board and then to dive into the details and give a better visual reference on the Windows Tv installed next to the white board. The illustrations on the board are entirely two dimensional which leaves a lot of room for confusion while studying complex scientific concepts and this method has proved fruitful in providing a  broader visual  perspective as you can view them in 3D and in various pictorial or video format. Majority of the institutions are still stuck with the age old slideshow technique and that is not what the young minds are looking for these days as they have a knack for visually appealing sources of information.

“Curiosity fused with the latest technology at your fingertips has the potential to ignite the minds which are shaping up for exploring the depths of possibilities”

The premiere pas towards digitizing education would be by fusing online and offline and not directly switching to purely online. And what better than implementing an existing trusted method and combine it with the evolving trend. Hence, we at Frescon have taken up the role of being the torch bearers for not just changing the face of education but moulding and mentoring the young minds who are capable into looking beyond the conventional careers.One of the major problem with the education system is our country’s lackadaisical approach towards improving the quality of education and research which hinders the chances of bringing in any upgradation in the methodologies or approach towards moulding the students. There are 723 universities and over 37,000 colleges in our country. And due to this stagnancy many of our institutes lack quality that denies our students of receiving world-class education. And there is not a single institution in our country which could manage to get into the top 200 universities in the world. The end resultant of this is that every institute which opens is due to critical pressure of adhering to this narrow concept and quality becomes the first casualty. 

This generation of students have adapted and evolved into the era of digitization and are looking out for such a classroom experience. The teaching faculty is benefited with the opportunity of bringing in creativity and also have the upper hand in helping out the students who are slow learners as the kids have access to it inside the classroom. They have the access of watching it on a bigger screen after lectures so self-study and group-study are also enhanced with it as the Windows Tv is connected over Wifi the reach is huge to access study material and references.WIthin a year since it’s inception Frescon Academy has focused in revolutionizing education by being the medium for online and offline learning and in the coming days venture briefly into transforming the face of education in India.


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