Aerotrek – A journey towards infinity..

India’s civil aviation industry is on a high-growth trajectory. India is the ninth largest civil aviation market in the world with a market size of $16 billion and aims to become the 3rd largest market by 2020 and the largest by 2030. And electric propulsion technology being the future, even NASA is looking at finding an alternative to fossil fuels to reduce the operational cost. Major aviation technology giants such as Airbus, Boeing and JetBlue are currently keen on working towards an alternative energy which will boost eco efficiency and expand the market with cheaper fare. With so much potential in this field the scope of making a career in it is vast, and hence the right approach and also a well-planned one is mandatory in-order to excel.

We at Frescon Academy are working towards not preparing them academically but also molding them to venture out into the world of possibilities at their dispense. Through our Synapse program we aim at providing in-depth analysis  of all the emerging  fields in engineering as well as medical. Aerotrek is one platform through which we provided expert guidance and activities which involved their participation in understanding the technology behind drones and RC aircraft technology.


1At the event, we had Mr.Rajan Juvekar , who is a well-renowned name in the paragliding community in our country and also the pioneer behind reinventing the airplane and glider technology with galore of patents under his wings. He has also been closely associated with the paratroop of our armed forces. Along with his team of experienced aeronautics enthusiasts and specialists in drone technology. The sessions were mainly focussed on providing a general introduction to aviation as well as studying extensively about the drone technology and the functioning and modeling of RC aircraft. Drone technology has tremendously grown over time and has carved a niche for itself in the global market. This being the base of aviation, it is necessary that the students get all their doubts cleared and also find their vocation towards the field.

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Here’s the link to our video compilation of Aerotrek

From theoretical sessions involving individual participation in molding styrofoam models of aircraft to creating wooden models, it started off with an extensive Q&A between the instructors and the students before hitting the ground with working models. Soaring the skies with a wide variety of aircrafts like Quadrotor, Hexacopter, Electric Flat Board, Combustion engine aircraft, Paraglider, Handheld Foil glider. It was a magnum opus event for the students with such a large scale theory and demonstration of such an innovative field which is the backbone of fast and reliable commutation around the globe and is the driving force behind globalization.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or Drones are not a thing of the future but a reality now. With drone delivery technology being widely accepted worldwide by renowned firms like Domino’s, Amazon Prime Air, Mercedes, it’s an inevitable part of our future which will be designed to accommodate it. With the regulations being modified to widen the fields of implementation, it’s not a distant future where we can function with drone technology coming handy. A future where new trends are being generated and creating new job opportunities it is very important that we groom the students in all the emerging fields and hence we focus from imparting not just classroom knowledge but helping them decide between all the fields in science and technology. We don’t just aim at creating rankers but achievers who in the coming future would not only venture into the progressing world but also take the lead in innovation.



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