Roborg – A workshop on robotics

The moment we hear the word ‘robot’ the very first images flashing in our mind is vicious robots taking over our planet or cyborgs saving the day for us. Though all of it may seem like a meta-reality but robotics is not a distant future now. Robotics is a comparatively new branch of engineering which is booming with the focus on creating a world which would increase human safety and well-being as well as reduce human effort. With countries like USA, Japan, Australia and many of the European nations concentrating on technologies which will foster robots being used in various fields like domestic chores, handling dangerous and hazardous situations, relieving mankind of repetitive and tiring activities and defence to highly accurate and competitive manufacturing. In fact many industries already use robots in the manufacturing unit which has considerably increased the production rate but many international firms are working towards implementing robots in domestic application.

Moulding career at Frescon

 Considering the growing interest for robotics in India and globally, we at Frescon realised the urge to provide a thorough foundation to our students as a part of our Synapse programme.


The first part of the workshop concentrated on providing theoretical knowledge on arduino board, raspberry and banana pi boards which are one of the best platforms for developing bots with the team providing them live bots for learning and implementing the knowledge followed by the various technical aspects of robot building. The various developing options and their application together constituted for the comprehensive knowledge base for the students. Along with the hands-on experience the directors of Frescon Academy namely Mr. Vishal Nakate,                        Mr. Rajat Das and Mr. Joyson Cardoza had an extensive chat with the students about the various course and career options in the field of robotics globally as well as in India.

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Exciting stuff coming up

At Frescon we’re always striving to work towards bringing innovative and effective teaching reforms for our students. There’s a number of workshops lined up which are gonna cover all the possible career options for students after their 12th boards.So stay connected with us for more such blogs on various sectors and our workshops through our Synapse series and much more.


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