JEE mains 2018: Exam day tips

If you’re reading this you’ve probably invested the last two years of your life into preparing for the JEE exam and if you’ve gone the extra mile then not to settle down for anything than the prestigious IIT’s. And for some the hard work might have started earlier than that as there has been a lot of debate on the right age to start preparing for the JEE mains as well as advanced exams. It’s that time of the year where students, after appearing for their respective board exams cannot breathe a sigh of relief as the JEE mains exam are just around the corner. So with years of experience our esteemed directors have formulated the exam day tips and last moment preparation tips for the applicants.


Now let’s take a recap at our preparation while the chapters were being completed. Making short notes or highlighting the important formulas and concepts is the most efficient way of preparation as it is very helpful during the last moment glance. So if you’ve done that you’re going to save a lot of time. If not then don’t panic there’s a lot of options available such as crash courses as well as mock tests through which you can determine the grey areas and work on them. Let’s look at some of the key points you need to keep in mind.

Strategise your preparation

Decision making is crucial while solving the mcq’s. As there’s negative marking for the attempted wrong answers. Hence to reduce such errors which will cost you a seat you have to be extremely cautious and breakdown the question paper based on the following point:

Sorting it section-wise

The subject you are most familiar with has to be the section you should start with as it will save you enough time to rack your brain behind your “not so favourite” subjects. Also it will help you to analyze better on whether to spend time behind the unsure questions which has a higher probability of going wrong. Set clear time limits for each question and also analyse and modify your mock test results to improve your time management and efficiency.

brain train

Speed is the key

‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’ being fast and answering a question undoubtedly beneficial however if you’re doing it at the cost of neglecting the key steps then it might backfire, which will end in a loss of time and marks. Make sure you re-evaluate every answer and reason it out before marking them as you cannot overwrite nor correct your answers once you’ve marked them. And if you still wanna rely on your “FLASH” like speed then you should list out the easiest and most reliable questions out of all the sections and attempt them first.


The ingredient of Calmness

Since all these days you’ve been like a caveman, isolated from the life of being a teenager, Sleepless nights, running behind coaching and tuition, pile of books on the desk, H.C. Verma’s monkeys dangling on a pulley might have turned into a nightmares. But this is the time to make sure all these efforts don’t go down the drain as it’s game day. Now the very basic of having a clutter free mind is sorting out so you should refrain from keeping anything for the last moment. Hurrying is a total no-no for the exam day. Here are some important tips to help you avoid last moment goof ups:

  1. Make sure you visit the exam centre a day or two prior to the exam so that you can evaluate the route and the approximate time taken to reach.
  2. The reporting time for the exam is 7 am and at 12:45 for paper – II, hence candidates must reach the centre on or before that.
  3. Print the admit card and keep it available with you at all times
  4. Keep your stuff ready the night before.
  5. Stay hydrated and don’t stay up the night before.
  6. The best way t keep your system clean and light is by eating a lot of fruits as it will detox you and reduce the stress levels.
  7. try not to study the day before as it might panic you to a point where it will turn into anxiety and result in restlessness on exam day.
  8. Avoid discussing with friends or classmates it may disturb your mind-set.
  9. Indulge in a short meditative activity to keep your nerves calm as it will help you think rationally.

Now that you’re as calm as a monk it’s time to get back to your routine hustle and push yourself to the brim in this final lap. You can estimate your score with the JEE answer sheet which will be available from April 24th onwards.Despite thinking of what the consequences will be, it’s important to focus on present and act accordingly. The present demands good decisions taken with a calm mind paired with wise action. Take this as an opportunity to test yourself and if it doesn’t work out in your favour then hey in a world of opportunities there’s never too less of it. Failure is not fatal and success is not final either.

All the best


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