Ignite – A workshop on automobile engineering and go-kart technology

The automotive industry in India is one of the largest in the world with an annual production of 23.96 million vehicles in the F.Y 2015-16 and with a 2.5% growth the following year. The automobile industry accounts for 7.1% of the GDP. India is estimated to be a giant exporter of automotives in the coming years. And with government led initiatives such as Make in India the automobile industry is expected to grow at a much faster rate. 

automobile eng

Automobile engineering in India is catered by top institutions in our country like the IIT’s which provide state of the art faculty as well infrastructure. Automobile engineering is mainly divided into R&D, manufacturing and sales and marketing. Multinational companies like Volkswagen, Ford, Hyundai have opened their manufacturing plants in India. The general mentality associated with automobile engineering is that there aren’t many job opportunities available in India. But that has changed in the past decade with the rise in demand for PV (passenger vehicles) as well as CV (commercial vehicles) in India. The states of Maharashtra, Chennai and Gujarat are playing the catalyst in roping in the big names in the automobile industry. Globally the automotive industry has never really suffered a setback and hence career opportunities abroad are still flourishing. 


At Frescon we are working towards not just educating the students through academics but also introducing them to the various career prospects and guiding them to the right path to secure their seat in a reputed institution which will eventually help them to take their career forward in the best possible way. Through IGNITE we introduced the students to the field of automobile engineering. In association with the talented team of Maverick Den we made the students well acquainted with the technology involved in the functioning of a go-kart as well raspberry-pi and arduino boards. 


Raspberry pi and arduino board technology is considered to be a crucial part of the automation of the future. Smart Homes having evolved from being a concept of the distant future to reality of today. This concept is relatively lesser known but has a huge scope. As automation is what every industry is aiming at Smart Home is a compilation of automated sensors abled appliances reducing human effort . Raspberry pi as well as arduino board based technology can be controlled with a simple click on your smartphone. One of the major aspects which home automation is concentrating on is home security which will prove to be a major boost for elderly assisted living. Home security can be controlled and monitored from your regular smartphone which makes it reliable as well as convenient.

At Ignite our students got a hands-on experience of building from scratch a miniature cart which was coded and programmed and controlled through an android mobile application. Students had the opportunity to understand the functioning as well as the coding behind it. As well as the students were introduced to the go-kart building and assembling which is usually a third or fourth year mechanical engineering project conducted in engineering colleges. For the students it was an early access as they go to learn about it even before they got into an engineering college.

Through our Synapse: Vector series we have acquainted our students to almost each stream of engineering. Right from robotics to mechanical and the expert input the students now have a far better knowledge about the nuances as well as the career scope and industry requirements and the required skills. Frescon through Synapse aims at promoting and implementing project based learning at a young age as it will make our students much  more career ready than just imbibe theoretical knowledge. Among the first in many thing even Synapse is an initiative started by Frescon Academy alone which aims at making such seminars available to students at a coaching institute level and aims at transforming not just the age old traditional teaching but also the quality of education in India.






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